Video:Hamas Is A Damn Terrorist Group Idiots

Funny (yet true) stuff…

by Hamas Is A Damn Terrorist Group Idiots, They want to destroy Israel.The Gaza Strip, Egypt, Transjordan, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq attacked Israel, They are murders, Hamas never wins a damn war, These damn throwbacks keep losing wars, Hamas are Cavemen, Stop the damn Zionists talk, Hamas hates Jews, Jewish people better wake up, Palestinians are ethnic Arabs, They are Muslim terrorist

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3 thoughts on “Video:Hamas Is A Damn Terrorist Group Idiots”

  1. … and they want to invade and conquer Spain, Rome and bomb America. They want basically to establish a CalipHate. They are the branch of Muslim Brotherhood which believes that if we are “freed” from Christianity and “Zionism” we would understand how wonderful Islam is and submit.


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