Saudi Arabia:Man marries schoolgirl,her teacher,her principal,and their supervisor!

Twisted Islamic Inbreeder’s….

From Al Arabiya:

Imagine a schoolgirl attending class, knowing that both her teacher and principal share the same husband. Awkward much?

Well, for a Saudi man who married the three women, it may just be an example of love conquering all.

The man, 50, was not named by the Saudi-based Okaz newspaper which reported the marital muddle.

But his attraction to all things academic does not end there. The man is also married to a fourth wife, who works as an educational supervisor, mostly supervising the school that her husband’s other wives attend and work at.

Meanwhile, the schoolteacher told the newspaper that the way she interacts with her husband’s wives at work is “no different” to how she treats other students and superiors.h/t EoZ

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5 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia:Man marries schoolgirl,her teacher,her principal,and their supervisor!

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