Saudi Arabia: Entire Family to be Lashed

Forget Disneyland, it’s well known that Saudi Arabia is really the happiest place on earth. And while you might criticize Saudi Arabia for being a backward totalitarian theocracy that solves all problems with mutilations, lashings or stonings; they do have family values. Proof? Saudi Arabia just sentenced an entire family to be lashed. Nothing says family values like that.

 Members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice had tried to rebuke the two daughters at a shopping centre in the capital Riyadh for making indecent acts, seen by shoppers as seductive.

“One of the two girls then took off her gown and head cover and spat at the Commission members. Her sister also spat at them. Their mother later came and threw her shoe at them,” the Saudi Arabic language daily Sabq said.

“When their father came later, he tried to assault those members, swore at them and said to them ‘it’s not your business, we are free to do what we want.”

The paper said the girl who took off her gown was sentenced to five months in prison and 120 lashes while her sister was sentenced to one month in jail and 30 lashes. The mother got two months jail term and ordered lashed 60 times while the father was ordered jailed for one month and lashed 45 times.

If you want to assess just how evil and demented the Saudi religious value system is;

A teenage girl taking off her burka was sentenced to 120 lashes and 5 months in prison. Her father who actually tried to grapple with the religious police is only being sentenced to 1 month and 45 lashes.

In Saudi Arabia, a girl’s face is more of a crime than assaulting the police.By