New York Times Reporters Covering the Hamas War Stay at the Luxurious #Gaza Grand Palace Hotel

By When you’re covering a war, you want to be out of the line of fire of terrorists.

Sure Hamas leaders here too, or at Gaza General..And the best place to do that is at the Gaza Grand Palace Hotel where Hamas rockets won’t fall and which Israeli precision strikes won’t touch for fear of killing half the world media.

Jodi Rudoren of the New York Times and Harriet Sherwood of the Guardian can both pen pieces about the suffering of the Hamas people of Gaza while enjoying luxurious accommodations that include a view of the Mediterranean beach, 24 hour room service and a non-alcoholic mini-bar (this is the local franchise of the Taliban after all).

There’s WiFi and cable internet if you want to urgently tweet about Zionist atrocities and a restaurant offering Chinese, Arabic and Indian cuisine. Just don’t expect any Moo Shoo pork.

Enjoy the warm breezes on the rooftop coffee shop while Israeli families huddle in bomb shelters.

When you need to schedule a conference with Hamas leaders, the Gaza Grand Palace offers two conference rooms and a grand ballroom for when you’re overrun with terrorists looking to take shelter with the media. And for those terrorist leaders hiding in a hospital basement, the conference rooms also offer ISDN video conference technology.

So stop by and hang out in the Crystal Hall with a few of your favorite Hamas thugs.

If you’re feeling hungry after a hard twenty minutes of finding synonymous for ominous to describe Israel’s planes passing overhead on the way to introduce a martyr to his virgins, take a break with this giant cake. It’s huge, just like the plight of the starving people of Gaza.

The people of Gaza may be starving off camera, but on camera, they know how to party and nothing says famine like a cake that you need a crane to reach the top of.

Life is good for an international journalist/crusader on behalf of the oppressed peoples of the Gaza Palace Hotel.