#CAIR Civil Rights Manager Endorses #Hamas Terrorism Against #Israel


Cyrus McGoldrick is CAIR’s Civil Rights Manager in New York and a product of Columbia’s notorious Middle Eastern Studies department.

CAIR already has extensive links to Hamas, so it’s no surprise that during the Hamas attacks on Israel, McGoldrick’s Twitter account began trending Hamas’ way.

Cyrus McGoldrick began describing the assassination of Hamas leaders as the death of “resistance leaders”

Israel is murdering civilians and resistance leaders alike. The colonial project of Israel was founded on violence & is fueled by it.

Then there were prayers for a Hamas victory.

for the last few days. May God protect them and grant them victory.


And growing belligerency from Cyrus McGoldrick

“If you’re not ready to die for it, put the word ‘freedom’ out of your vocabulary.” -Malcolm X (ra)

We must make oppression too costly for the oppressors to maintain. When they strike, we strike. Defense is a must.


McGoldrick began retweeting messages from Lamis Deek, the lawyer for Ahmed Ferhani, the attempted synagogue bomber who boasted of wanting to kill Jews. Like her client, Deek’s Twitter messages were full of demented racist hatred for Jews.

The euro-zionist-occupier-terrorist netanyahu says israeli terrorist forces r ready to attack/massacre more

And calls for terrorists to invade Israel

On mayadeen: the question: there are jihadiyeen from everywhere entering , why do they not enter ? (My answer: follow the$)


Finally Cyrus McGoldrick openly endorsed Hamas terrorism.

Palestine is a land occupied by foreign settlers. They have the right to resist, to defend themselves, “by any means necessary.”

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