#Israel: No trace of Jewish history in #Jerusalem and in “our land” – PA TV


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PA TV newsreader: “Deep underground beneath the Al-Aqsa Mosque, there’s [an Israeli] race against the clock to complete the excavations in search of [Jerusalem’s] Temple that exists only in the minds of radical organizations. These images reveal the extent of the excavations. … Here, you can see an underground city excavated by Jewish radical organizations. They falsify historical facts by linking them to Jewish history, the traces of which don’t exist in our land.”
[PA TV (Fatah), Oct. 25, 2012]


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  1. If Israel and Palestine achieved peace, then Palestine could mtnaaiin a 20% minority, as Israel mtnaaiins a 20% minority.The prospective selected borders then would not need to be perfect ethnically, if real and actual equal rights are afforded to minorities in each community.They could even be the 67 borders.The single state is less democratic than a partitioned one if the communities retain any significant national orientation, which looks more than likely at this point.A single state with 51/49 national relationship, would represent the status of 49% feeling other-governed rather than self-governed.The two-state leaves 80% feeling self-governed.The only proviso that I can see is if a non-nationalist party in Israel and in Palestine achieved more than say 30% of each population’s total vote. And, that doesn’t seem likely.It would be more likely if dissent was presented in positive terms, rather than only condemnatory.I wonder about your numbers. Is that migration to the settlements or babies?


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