#Obama minions celebrate: No more #Israel video

Rick Moran/ Are we really only going to talk about GOP crazies?

Obama supporters out celebrating his win on election night gathered on State Street Tuesday evening. I asked one man why he was celebrating Obama, and what that meant to him. He said, “It really means to me, no more Israel…Mitt Romney would go to war with Iran…Obama said f*** that shit. Kill those mother f***ers.”

Another said, “Palestine was there first, and Israel moved in in the 1940s and that’s an unfair attack.” A man of Jewish heritage accompanying him said, “I really do not think that us being with Israel is a good choice for us”:

One man felt that Obama could act as a peacemaker through negotiations: “He needs to get Israel and he needs to get Iran down at the table and say, ‘Iran, what do you need, how can we compromise, don’t close off the freaking strait of Hormuz’…he’s going to be that angel of peace between them.”

For all we know, this guy might be one of Obama’s smarter supporters.



3 thoughts on “#Obama minions celebrate: No more #Israel video”

  1. OMG, I am actually frightened at how stupid these kids in this video are! I cant believe its possible to be old enough t vote and be that dumb at the same time. Forget Obama, these idiot will do far more damage to themselves then is even imaginable, if these are the people who will inherit this country, I see no reason to make it a better place. Guess I’ll get what’s mine, screw these fools, and eventually move to another country. They actually deserve the mess they will inherit!


    1. its not too late to act. we can publize these facts as much as psblisoe and create a “Jewish awareness program” about obama. don’t forget that the jews in america make up 8 million and thats not something to take lightly.second, dont think for a second that you can boycott israel, what your going to stop importing; cell phones, pentium mother boards, leading millitary technology and medical science including micro wireless digestable cameras in the form of a pill?and there can never be an american invasion as that would mean WWIII.and last but not least, and most importantly, we have G-d on our side. Believe. It’s a reality


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