‘If America attacks Syria, Iran will act’

Aswad Ali, deputy culture and propaganda Iranian Revolutionary Guards, the military alliance with Syria’s allies Young Journalists Club said: “If the U.S. attacks Syria, Iran’s ally Syria as well as act.”

Cultural Vice America’s Army “with Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia plans to strike Syria and the Syrian regime is preparation.”

Mr. Aswad Syria to attack America’s “stupidity” and predicted that read “This fiasco would amount to America.”

He has said that the upcoming presidential election America Barack Obama talks about the promotional aspects of Syria and “bluff is political.”

The attack on Syria’s black America’s problems in the region will increase.

With tensions escalating in Syria, Iran and America continually interfering in each other’s internal affairs and accused of supporting parties.

Iran, Syria’s state accordingly, says America’s allies, Syria sending weapons to terrorist groups that they support.

At the same time, some Western politicians and countries such as Turkey calls for more active approach in dealing with the Syrian crisis.

In contrast, opponents of the Assad regime and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, some countries accuse Syrian government crackdown on the opposition cooperates.

Now more than forty citizens by the “Free Syrian Army”, one of Syria’s anti-government armed groups, have been taken hostage. Free Syrian Army says members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Syria came to work with government forces in suppressing dissent.

Iranian officials claim the army has denied the hostages, saying they are citizens who have gone to Syria for pilgrimage.Updated: 12:31 GMT – Sunday 01 سپتامبر 2012-11 Persian date Shahrivar 1391