Posted in May 2012

The Best Foreign Policy Saudi Money Can Buy

Let’s say that there are three Muslim countries in the Middle East, which, facing a domestic insurgency, use ruthless tactics to suppress it. Which one gets a pass? The answer is easy. The Saudi ally gets the pass; the others get invaded. But “pass” is too mild a word, because after bombing Libya into submission, … Continue reading

Thousands of Salafis in Tunisia: Obama, We Are All Osama

Thousands of Tunisians Salafis: “Obama, We Are All Osama”; MC Calls US President “The Ape Obama” – The Internet – May 20, 2012 Follow MEMRI on Facebook: Follow MEMRI on Twitter:!/MEMRIReports Related articles Salafis gravitate towards the Brotherhood’s political pole (

Obama’s Syria Policy: Ask Putin

Some have argued that last week’s massacre in the Syrian city of Houla, where Bashar al-Assad loyalists killed more than a hundred people, a third of whom were children, may in time come to mark the moment when world opinion turned irrevocably against the Syrian strongman, and the democracies finally decided to bring down the … Continue reading

We Are All Persian Grammarians Now

Sohrab Ahmari and James Kirchick//As the Iranian mullahs’ nuclearization drive reaches its end goal, Western policymakers face a narrowing range of bad options. There are difficult choices ahead, and those choices are made all the more difficult by Tehran’s long track record of vicious rhetoric directed at Israel—the most notorious example of which was Iranian … Continue reading

Bold Bill in Senate to Stop Palestinian ‘Refugee’ Scam

The US Senate Appropriations Committee has approvedan important amendment to a bill. Proposed by Republican Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois, the amendment would change the definition of “Palestinian refugee” such that the number of people now given that status would shrink from about five million to about thirty thousand. The U.S. currently contributes annually about … Continue reading

Cleanup at Iran’s Parchin site

(Reuters) – U.N. nuclear inspectors displayed new satellite imagery on Wednesday indicating that some small buildings had been dismantled and other possible clean-up work undertaken at an Iranian military site they want to visit. One image from May 25 showed signs that “ground-scraping activities” had taken place at the Parchin facility, as well as the … Continue reading

Iran Threatens U.S. as New Cyber Super-Weapon Strikes

Iran is threatening to attack U.S. bases in the region with its missiles if it is attacked, but the reality is that the regime is already under attack. The latest all-but-certain covert operation is the deployment of sophisticated malware that is being called “The Flame.”  Its purpose appears to be the mass cultivation of intelligence … Continue reading

Commerce considers labeling Arab Americans a disadvantaged minority

By Rachel Leven – The Commerce Department is considering naming Arab Americans a socially and economically disadvantaged minority group that is eligible for special business assistance. The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) petitioned Commerce earlier this year to ask that Arab Americans be made eligible for the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA), which helps minority entrepreneurs … Continue reading

“Bank of Palestine” promotional materials

EoZ/EoZ fan Ruchie emailed me that she was at an Arab business conference in Nazareth, and one of the promotional items being given away was this mug from the “Bank of Palestine:” Of course, the map includes all of Israel, without any fear of controversy. Making it really hard to argue that the goal of … Continue reading

Hannity confronts Ground Zero mosqueteer

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is pushing a whole new narrative on his deception book tour. So it was particularly delicious to watch Sean Hannity interview, or interrogate, the sly imam on his show last week. The imam Rauf has almost never been challenged by a fawning, complicit media, and he was visibly taken aback as … Continue reading

Israel gas finds launch navy into troubled waters

(Reuters) – When Israeli economists contemplate their country’s untapped natural gas finds far out in the Mediterranean, they dream of energy independence and lucrative export deals. Those charged with Israel’s defense, however, worry that the navy – small and long a middling priority in budgets – may be hard put to protect the multinational drilling … Continue reading