IRAN: Body of lies

The Islamic world is obsessed with its own security.

The Iranian ayatollahs and president are well aware that military power alone will not help protect their regime. They also need a strong economy. And most importantly, diplomacy.

Although there are “small” problems, such as the worldwide financial penalties and sanctions on oil sales with Iran, over time these problems are resolved. And they are not resolved in favor of Western civilization.

According to the general director of the Iranian Oil Company, Jalil Salar, Iran is increasing its sale of petroleum products, in spite of international sanctions. According to him, in the world there will always be countries that are interested in Iranian oil. He stated this at the 17th International Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Exhibition in Tehran.

But Iran has celebrated April 8 as the National Nuclear Technology Day, marking the day its nuclear program began. In Iran, this day is called the Day of the “Yellow Cake.” Isn’t that ironic?

Tehran has already opened negotiations to aid in the development of nuclear power in other countries. About Turkey I have already written, and other countries may be interested in Iran’s nuclear technology. If the goods are available, the buyer is always there. Muslims are well aware of this. Trade is not only part of the culture; it’s part of the religion, too.

Here’s another interesting fact about trade. For the further development of relations between Turkey and Iran, the countries agreed on the appointment of special envoys from each. On the Turkish side, the representative appointed was the Minister of Development and Investment, Cevdet Yilmaz, with Iran’s being the Vice President for International Affairs, Ali Saidlu.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan also said that the special representatives were instructed to draw up a list of areas of cooperation between the two countries, and to examine the level of cooperation. Then they will prepare a report for the presidents of Iran and Turkey.

“Our goal: to increase bilateral trade to 35 billion dollars,” he said.

And all this after the announcement of financial sanctions against Iran. Funny, is not it?

This has all happened at a time when the world community is waiting for what may be the solution to this problem, from a meeting in Istanbul on April 14. The Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ali Akbar Salehi, said that the preconditions before starting a new round of talks between Tehran and the 5 +1 group were senseless and unacceptable. “These discussions are purely for informational purposes only, and none of the parties put forward any preconditions.”

He said that the Iranian delegation will take part in negotiating a new round of dialogue, regardless of the rumors and reports circulated, based only on the principle of national dignity and position of the Islamic Republic.

Salehi at the same time expressed the hope that the Istanbul meeting would be more successful than previous meetings, and that the parties could move forward in addressing the issues.

The Secretariat of the National Security Council of Iran said that the first round of the new phase of negotiations between the IRI and the “Six” will be held on April 14 in Istanbul, and the second later in Baghdad. In the historic capital of the Caliphate? And will these negotiations decide the fate of Islam — I’m sorry — of Iran’s nuclear program? Is not it symbolic?

Meanwhile, Erdogan has taken steps to legalize Ankara as a nuclear state. Turkey and China recently signed two agreements in the nuclear field.

According to reports, these two agreements were signed after the talks between Turkish and Chinese Prime Ministers, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Wen Jiabao, in Beijing on Monday.

During the ceremony, which was attended by the prime ministers of both countries, the energy ministers of Turkey and China signed an agreement on peaceful uses of nuclear energy. Then an agreement was signed between the Chinese national energy management agency and the Turkish Ministry of Energy.

The fact that the region is preparing for war is already visible even to the naked eye. Revolutionary Guards have begun a project of the Caspian Sea water desalination. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran has taken responsibility for the implementation of this project.

In the Caspian Sea, the latest technology is used for water desalination. Whence came to Iran the technology and money for such projects? This country should be under siege, according to the president and the mullahs.

In the end, these same guardians of Islam have declared that Iran has unveiled a new radar system of local production called “Samen.”

Muslims in trade with each other cannot be deceived. Islamic law forbids it. But non-believers can be deceived. And maybe we want to be deceived. But is it worth the risk? And why do the Iranians need a nuclear program in the first place?

Posted by Joseph Zaalishvili(Jihad Watch)