Get Your Kim Jong Il Commemorative Coins!

Leading the homepage of the Korean Central News Agency today is news of a hot new product coming to North Korea: Collectible coins commemorating deceased Dear Leader! For a limited time, the Hermit kingdom will be issuing pure gold coins (35 mm in diameter, 2mm thickness) and pure silver coins (40mm in diameter, 3mm in thickness), emblazoned with the slogan “The Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il Will Always Be Alive.”

As if the regime needed a reason to start minting these fine doubloons (it’s not as if famine and hunger is a problem or anything) the state news agency tells us this was merely what everyone in North Korea wanted the government to do. “It is the unanimous will and desire of all service personnel and people to convey down to posterity the immortal feats he performed for the country, revolution, times and history, with the unshakable faith that he is always be with us.” Sure beats the hell out of the USA‘s private sector, commemorative plates for President Obama. National priorities, people.