UK: Child Sex Exploitation BY MUSLIMS Now the Norm

by Robert Spencer The UK’s Guardian reported Wednesday that “sexual exploitation of vulnerable children has become the social norm in some parts of Greater Manchester,” and the denial and obfuscation about what is really causing this problem is thicker than ever. In the very same sentence in which it broke this terrible news, the Guardian stated that … Continue reading

ISIS trying to weaponize Ebola

By Rick Moran According to Spanish intelligence reported by Breitbart, online jihadists are openly discussing the weaponization of Ebola to be used in a terrorist attack. Spanish intelligence has intercepted messages passed between jihadists online discussing the weaponisation of the deadly Ebola virus for use against the West, while a blackmailer in Prague has threatened … Continue reading

Iran Arrests Journalists Who Reported Acid Attacks

by Mary Chastain Iran arrested four journalists from the Isna news agency after they reported the acid attacks against women in Isfahan. Isna was one of the first to reach out to the attacked women. The reports caused international outrage. The four journalists are not named. Police arrested and released “Zahra Mohammadi, the head of … Continue reading

Egypt begins clearing Gaza border area

Smoke rises after a house was blown up during a military operation by Egyptian security forces in the Egyptian city of Rafah near the border with southern Gaza Strip Oct. 29, 2014. (AFP) Al Arabiya, Staff writer Egypt began establishing a buffer zone on Wednesday, clearing residents from its border with the Gaza Strip following … Continue reading

Who Converts to Islam, and Why?

Hugh Fitzgerald Isn’t that the question that ought to be asked all over the Western world? Not to try to say that the mentally ill, who just happen to be converts to Islam, kill people, but that those who are psychically off, if they convert to anything, nowadays will almost certainly to convert to Islam. … Continue reading

The Latest Push for a Palestinian State

Recent developments in Sweden, the United Kingdom and Ireland exemplify yet another effort to create a Palestinian “state” out of thin air.  Sweden’s new socialist government has recognized “Palestine,” as did non-binding resolution adopted by Britain’s parliament and Ireland’s Senate. Similar moves elsewhere in Europe are expected shortly.  And there are plans to have “Palestine” … Continue reading

Halloween is haram, declares Malaysia fatwa council

The country’s National Fatwa Council slammed the spooky tradition as “Western,” deviating away from the teachings of Islam. (Shutterstock) Al Arabiya News A Malaysian Islamic authority has banned Halloween celebration in a fatwa (religious edict), according to a local media report on Wednesday. The country’s National Fatwa Council slammed the spooky tradition as “Western,” deviating … Continue reading

Interview with an Islamic State Recruiter

Interview with an Islamic State Recruiter: ‘Democracy Is For Infidels’ Interview Conducted by Hasnain Kazim The conditions laid out by the Islamist are strict: no photos and no audio recording. He also keeps his real name secret as well as his country of origin, and is only willing to disclose that he is Arab. His … Continue reading